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Testimonials - Nancy Silver
Call to Request an Appointment 973-452-2138


“Nancy is professional and pleasant, and her office is welcoming and comfortable. I highly recommend her services. I’ve tried many massage therapists over many years, and she’s the only one I’ve visited on a consistent basis.” – F.B.

“Nancy Silver runs an efficient business in a pleasant setting. I like that she listens carefully to my needs and then delivers on those expectations. I can truly recommend Empyrean Massage for a great massage experience.” – B.N.

“I can’t recommend Empyrean Massage and Bodywork highly enough. After many years of massages in many different places, I am so pleased to have found Nancy and Empyrean. She is highly professional, sensitive to the needs of her clients, and provides a lovely environment for the bodywork to take place. Nancy is a natural.” – H.B.

“As a professional Massage Therapist, I am picky about where I go for healing. Nancy is my choice every time! Great atmosphere, service, and knowledge of what to do to keep me whole!” – D.A.

“I go in stressed and leave relaxed!!! I have been a customer of Empyrean Massage for over two years. I’ve experienced nothing but professionalism and a genuine consideration for my well-being from the owner Nancy. I recommend anyone who is interested in finding an exceptional massage therapist to consider this establishment.” – J.F.

“Nancy provides such a comfortable and peaceful oasis. From a warm spirit, heated table, and soothing music – you are relaxed before the session even begins. An uncanny instinct to know which area of the body needs the most work, your body is completely revitalized afterwards. An investment that keeps rewarding dividends.” – R.J.

“Empyrean offers several different healing arts services. Great products available, uniquely made.” – G.T.

“She’s very personable and it’s a true full hour of massage that she provides. She is worth every penny. Totally recommend this place. Will be back.” – K.E.

“Nancy creates a calm, warm and nurturing atmosphere that made me feel relaxed and taken care of even before my massage began. This was my first experience at a private office (as compared to a larger center/chain) and at first I didn’t know what to expect. I really enjoyed the more personal attention that Nancy gave to me- she made me feel like she wanted to be a partner in my health and well-being. And the massage itself was phenomenal!” – S.D.

“I’ve been seeing Nancy for years now (so many I forget) – and she is one of the most talented, professional, and kind bodyworkers I have ever met. I primarily see Nancy for therapeutic calming massages – and she never disappoints. I actually make sure to book Nancy a few weeks out when I know I have a stressful time coming up (deadline at work for example) – just so I have some way to unwind all the stress and feel normal again quickly. My mother-in-law and husband know exactly what I’m hoping to get every birthday and Christmas….gift certs for Nancy Silver) Honestly – I’m a picky person…and a massage junkie. Nancy is a rare find. Do yourself a favor and check her out.”  – E.C.

“Nancy’s work is truly empyrean! I walked in 3 weeks ago for a massage and now it’s become a fixed part of my weekly schedule. My shoulders, back and legs were knotted to the point of the pain severely impacting my everyday life (ability to exercise, etc.), but after one hour of massage, it felt like I was put in a different body! The effects were noticed instantaneously, and I can’t wait to return for my weekly visit!” – M.W.

“Nancy is amazing. She is caring and gives great individual attention the moment you step in. I’ve done massages before but after coming here, I don’t go anywhere else because nothing compares. She creates a relaxing environment and the experience is always a pleasure.” – A.C.

“What a great massage experience – one of the best I’ve had. Nancy did a great job and I look forward to the next one.” – A.G.

“Nancy is a professional. More importantly, she is a caring and knowledgeable massage therapist! Nancy massages my mom, monthly and keeps me in the loop regarding her health. She has massaged me as well and it was healing and wonderful. I typically do not take the time to write a review. This one was important to me. Highly recommended Nancy!” – A.A.

“Fabulous massage, incredible reflexology, extremely talented therapist. If you’re in North Jersey, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a massage by Nancy. Your body will thank you for days after.” – M.K.

“What an amazing massage. I came in with a pain in my neck and shoulders and I so much better after the massage. The room is relaxing and the heated massage table was wonderful. Nancy is kind and respectful. I can’t wait for my next visit!” — H.A.

“Nancy has the gift of magical hands!” – B.K.

“I am a Town employee in Montclair and found heaven on the 2nd floor of 45 Park Street. I am post-surgery and was advised by my surgeon that Lymphatic Drainage massage would help with the swelling and bruising. Nancy Silver has magic hands. The space is quiet and comfortable. The heated table is like a dream. I love the energy and her willingness to listen and to explain the process. I purchased a package and it is well worth it. I would recommend this place.” – K.N.

“Both my husband and I find the massage experience at Nancy’s very relaxing and soothing. The heated massage table and soft music are a real plus.” – M.A.

“The whole experience was pleasant. I enjoyed the massage, and the heated massage table made it even more enjoyable.” – B.C.

“I’ve been going to Nancy for a few years after finding her via Groupon. She creates a very peaceful, calming, and healing atmosphere and has healing hands that can adjust to my varied preferences. I always leave feeling de-stressed and ready for whatever life throws at me.  I recommend her 100%.  Heating pads, hot towels, essential oils, peaceful music, and other detail-oriented touches such as water and peppermint patties for clients keep me coming back again and again.” – J.L. 

“Nancy is very professional and friendly. Service was lovely and relaxing. Would use again!” – K.T.

“I have gone here a few times now for a prenatal massage and I’m sad I didn’t find Nancy earlier on in my pregnancy. She is super calm and always makes sure I’m comfortable. When I leave I’m very relaxed! I can’t imagine going somewhere else now.” – B.S.

“I found Nancy on Yelp and made the appointment based on customer reviews. Nancy is fantastic! She listens, makes recommendations and addresses problem areas with a true commitment to helping alleviate discomfort.  Knot queen… that’s me! I hold stress in my back and shoulders. I left my last session with “new” shoulders. I highly recommend adding aromatherapy; the lavender and peppermint are divine, very relaxing. Enjoy!”– P.B.

“I’ve been a client for over a year now. Nancy does a very good massage; she is attentive and responsive to your needs regarding problem areas, pressure, etc. She starts each session with a brief discussion of any issues, discomfort, etc., and then provides extra attention to those specific areas discussed during the course of the massage.  In addition, she is very reachable (if you leave her a message, she usually returns your call within a few hours), easy to book a session, and always reliable and on time.” – T.B.

“Nancy is fantastic!! I went to her for a 60 minute massage and I loved every second of it.  Her movements are so relaxing yet effective.  All my neck pain was gone the next day!  Thank you Nancy, I will definitely be back!” – K.S.

“Nancy has been my massage therapist for over a year now and I am so happy I found her!  She is highly skilled and always able to help me resolve the issues I have with my shoulders and neck.  Her facility is quiet, comfortable and relaxing and I always leave there feeling refreshed and renewed. I definitely recommend her and often buy gift certificates for family and friends. I honestly can’t think of a better gift to give someone.  The chance to relax for an hour and indulge in a little pampering.  You deserve it!” – E.R.

“Nancy is a fantastic massage therapist! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for someone in the north Jersey area.” – M.H.

“Nancy is an exceptional therapist. She’s great at both massage and reflexology. I’ve been seeing her regularly for a couple of years now (after trying others for many years) and she’s the best in the Montclair area.” – G.K.

“Nancy is a caring and warm person.  During the massage, her hands do the talking.  Getting consistent massages is not a treat; it is a must for me as a business owner to stay healthy, keep in shape and to reduce stress.  Nancy’s studio is my cocoon – my sanctuary.  A much needed special time for me.  I would recommend with 10 stars if they were available.” – E.B.

“Comfortable with Nancy as a top professional. Extremely knowledge in her field. You’ll take bit of heaven by the time you leave.” – S.H.

“Nancy is simply AMAZING!! She uses just the right amount of pressure and is very keen to listen to what my needs are. I will definitely be frequenting her services!” – A.O.

“Nancy is one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to! She customizes touch pressure and areas of concentration according to your individual preferences. A session with Nancy is heaven and renews both physically and mentally!!” – G.G.

“I had a chair massage with Nancy which was very much needed after a very long day and long week. Professional, polite and just the right pressure.” – I.R.

“Nancy completely zoned in on my problem area which was a shoulder issue. She relieved the shoulder pain.  I enjoyed the massage, it was a very comfortable atmosphere.  I left her office satisfied, relaxed, and pain free.” – M.M.

“Nancy is a wonderful massage therapist and a wonderful lady. I highly recommend her.” – J.M.

“Magic hands! Quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Definitely going back.” – A.W.

“She is very nice.  Very accommodating.  I bought this for my husband and he said the massage was very good!!  Went in feeling like 35 cents, came out feeling like a million bucks!  Very nice place, very relaxing.  Definitely go to Nancy!!” – D.S.

“She’s amazing.  The environment is relaxing and very private.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants to be stress free.” – A.A.

“Nancy is a godsend!  The times I went, she did an excellent job.  Since going to her, I am very pleased with her abilities.  If you live near or in NJ, make an appointment and let her work on you.  You will be so glad you did!” – R.B.

“A very good deep tissue massage, one of the best I’ve had.” – A.P.

“Nancy is very good about discussing your needs and working on them.  She is also very good and speedy about calling back for appointments.  Would definitely recommend her.” – S.S.

“Nancy gave a very enjoyable massage.  She sat with me beforehand to review pressure needed and what areas to focus on.  During the massage she checked in with me to make sure all was well.  Very professional, good, clean office – will surely go back.” – G.G.

“This massage was definitely what I needed.  As she massaged my shoulders she knew exactly where the tension was and applied the perfect amount of pressure to relieve the pain.  I would definitely recommend her.” – W.T.

“I get massages frequently and I can honestly say this was the best from beginning to end.  Nancy is a skilled therapist, intuitive and thoughtful.  I will definitely use her services again and highly recommend her.” – A.M.

“She was amazing!!  The best massage I’ve had all year!” – A.C.

“Wonderful experience!  Nancy called me the same day I left a message and was able to schedule my massage soon after.  I would highly recommend Nancy, fantastic massage.” – R.C.

“Nancy is a wonderful massage therapist.  She is very caring and provides a most relaxing and therapeutic massage for her clients.  The massage room is very tranquil and I absolutely loved the heated table and the aromatherapy provided.  I would definitely recommend Nancy for a most delightful massage experience!” – K.M.

“Great therapeutic massage.  I came in with discomfort and left feeling wonderful even into the next day!  Great experience, looking to go again.” – T.B.

“Nancy is a true professional in every way.  I enjoyed one of the best massages I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many.  Don’t hesitate to pay her a visit.” – S.E.

“Excellent massage.  Attentive to my needs and concerns.  Highly recommend Nancy’s massage services.  Thank you.  I feel relaxed and renewed.” – T.P.

“Nancy Silver is a wonderful massage therapist.  A great combination of gentle and firm touch.  I left after a 90-minute massage feeling very relaxed.  Recommended.” – A.C.

“Wonderful!!!!!  The BEST massage I’ve ever had.  So comfortable, clean, professional, friendly.  She is phenomenal!  Seriously talented therapist.  So very nice too.  I used to get massages at one of those chain massage places – there is no comparison.  I booked another appointment then left in complete bliss!  Try her.  You will not be sorry.” – D.M.

“Nancy does a great job making me feel comfortable and important.  I am very pleased with the quality of her work – I feel wonderful after my 90 minutes on her table.” – E.B.

“Amazing service, great spirit and soothing environment!!” – R.J.